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Essay On Space Tourism, When Did It Start And Future Of Flying Tourists Into Space, kindly profile me details in PDF and give me the resources also.

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Commercial space tourism might be a reality soon. on 13 December 2018 Virgin Galactic rocket plane reached space and returned safely to the California desert. it is the first human flight to space by a commercial space operator, the accomplishment gives Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson a victory in the highly competitive world name commercial space tourism. the British billionaire started virgin Galaxy in 2004 with an objective to fairy tourist on a short flight into space.

Virgin Galactic Milestone In Space Tourism

Virgin Galactic Milestone In Space Tourism

  • Virgin Galactic flight SpaceShip Two had two phases.
  • SpaceShip Two attached to a cargo aircraft.
  • It had Two pilots onboard - Mark Stucky and Frederick Sturckow.
  • The Spacecraft carried research payloads to simulate the weight of carrying passengers.
  • Craft soared at speeds topping out at 2.9 times the speed of sound through three layers of Earth's atmosphere to reach space.
  • Craft separated after ascending to about 43,000 feet, pilots fired up the rocket.
  • According to the company, SpaceShip Two climbed above 2,71,000 feet or about 51.4 miles or about 51.4 miles.

Mark Stucky and Frederick Sturckow

SpaceX Lunar Tourism In 2016

On 17 September founder of SpaceX Elon Musk announced the first private passenger had signed up to fly around the moon in space X enormous Big Falcon rocket. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the first passenger in the big Falcon Rocket in 2023 and he is also sponsored SpaceX Lunar tourism mission.

  • In 2016, Elon Musk unveils reusable Big Falcon Rocket.
  • Earlier known as the Interplanetary Transport System.
  • Design refined in 2017, will stand 118m tall when assembled.
  • BFR can fly up to 100 people.
  • Can carry 90 metric tons of payload into space.
  • BFR a massive spacecraft suited for long distance travel.
  • The Interior is custom configured with areas for cargo, emergency aid, supplies, living quarters and zero-gravity entertainment.
  • The Mission to launch from Earth and loop around the Moon.

Future Of Space Tourism Orion Span

  • Orion Span planning first luxury space hotel - Aurora Station.
  • Construction to begin in 2021 using the company's proprietary technology and construction methodology.
  • Aurora Station to have two private suites, where four guests and two crew can stay.
  • Anyone opting to stay will undergo a training program.
  • The company has brought down the 24-month training program to just three months.
  • Cost per flight: $9.5 million per person for a 12-day mission.
  • This is one of the more 'affordable ways to temporarily live in space.
  • Historically space tourists have paid between $20 million and $50 million.

Blue Origin Working On Future Of Space Tourism

  • New Shepard program to launch passengers in a capsule atop a rocket.
  • Early 2019 plans for their first flight with humans onboard.
  • Short-duration missions lasting approximately 11 minutes to require a day of training.
  • Tickets rumoured to be in low hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Space Adventures Company For Space Tourism

  • The company that launched all seven space tourists.
  • Promoting new missions, including a spacewalk at the ISS and a trip around the moon.
  • Does not have a spacecraft of its own, but partners with Roscosmos to send guests into space.

Roscosmos Company For Space Tourism

  • Recently began developing its commercial space program Plans to build a luxury space hotel module for the ISS by 2022.
    Guests to get private living quarters with four bedrooms, hygiene and medical facilities, and a lounge.
  • $40 million for a one to two-week stay.
  • $60 million for a month-long stay that would include a guided spacewalk by a cosmonaut.

Kosmokurs For Space Tourism

  • Programme to use a reusable rocket.
  • Flights will be short-duration missions with just a few minutes of weightlessness.
  • Training to last three days.
  • Package to cost approximately $200,000 to $250,000 per person.

Axiom Space For Space Tourism

  • The company offers on-orbit research and manufacturing Plans to send modules to the ISS by 2021, establish own space station by 2024 Private clients will be able to book seven to ten-day missions to the station.

What A Space Tourist Needs

  • Ability to withstand extreme levels of pressure, unusual weightlessness.
  • All around general fitness level.
  • The height of 60 cm -185 cm.
  • Weight between 50 kg - 95 kg.
  • Ability to withstand extreme physical conditions.
  • Ability to go through a rigorous training program.
  • Going through an 8-10 day program.
  • Understanding space simulators used by cosmonauts.
  • Programs for adults and corporate retreats are increasing in popularity as well.

Space Tourist Training

  • Reviews every single theorized or experienced a malfunction in the history of space flight.
  • Mastery of ins and outs of their vessels, whether stowing supplies, preparing a meal or dealing with waste receptacles.
  • Clothes chose months in advance before space flight.
  • Equipment or food item brought into space checked long before the trip.
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