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Yes I desperately want BSEB 10th Class Syllabus Download In PDF Format For Bihar Board Exam 2019, please provide me with full details.

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The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) is going to take the 10th class examination in the month of February 2019. Now students should know the latest syllabus of BSEB 10th class. Every year, Bihar Board exam is held and is given by millions of students from Bihar. So, this year also many students will surely apply BSEB examination 2019. Here you will BSEB exam syllabus in PDF format.

bseb 10th class syllabus in pdf for 2019 examination

S.nBoard NameBihar School Examination Board (BSEB)
1Examination Type10th Class/ Bihar Board Exam
2Exam ModeWritten Exam
3Exam DateNotified Soon on PDFresult.com
4Number of Subjects6 Subjects, 1 Optional Subjects
5First SubjectMother Tongue (Hindi, Urdu, Bangla)
6Second SubjectSecond Indian Language
7Third SubjectEnglish
8Forth SubjectMathematics
9Fifth SubjectScience
10Sixth SubjectSocial Science

Bihar Board 10th Class Math Syllabus

S.nMath Chapter NameFull Specification
1TrianglesBasic Proportionality Theorem, Topic 2 – Converse of BPT, Criteria For Similar Triangles, Problems on Similar Triangles, Areas of Similar Triangles, Pythagoras Theorem, Topic 7 – Problems on Pythagoras Theorem
2CirclesTangents to A Circle, Properties of Tangents
3Surface Areas and VolumesSurface Area: Combination of Solids, Volume: Combination of Solids, Conversion of Solids, Frustum of A Cone
4Real NumbersEuclid’s Division Lemma and Algorithm, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, Rational and Irrational Numbers
5Pair of Linear Equations in 2 VariablesGraphical Solution to Linear Equations, Substitution Method, Elimination Method, Cross Multiplication Method, Equations Reducible to Linear Form
6PolynomialsGeometric Meaning of The Zeroes, Zeroes, and Coefficients, Division Algorithm For Polynomials
7Arithmetic ProgressionIntroduction to Arithmetic Progression, nth Term of an A.P., Sum of n Terms of an A.P., Word Problems of A.P.
8Quadratic EquationsIntroduction to Quadratic Equations, Method of Completing The Square, Nature of Roots, Equations Reducible to Quadratic Form.
9Coordinate GeometryDistance Formula, Section Formula, Area of Triangles
10Introduction to TrigonometryTrigonometrical Ratios, Trigonometric Tables, Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles, Introduction to Trigonometric Identities, Applications of Trigonometric Identities
11Areas Related to CirclesArea and Circumference of a Circle, Areas of Sectors and Segments, Areas of Combination of Figures

How to download the Bihar Board 10th Syllabus 2019 In PDF Formate

Step 1: Firstly, the students have to visit the official website of the Bihar Board Examination.

Step 2: After visiting the BSEB official website the students need to find the Matric section to download the syllabus of the BSEB 10th class in pdf.

Step 3: Now after clicking on the BSEB 10th Class Syllabus Link, Pdf will download automatically.

Important Link Section

S.nImportant PDF For BSEB 2019 ExamLinks
1BSEB 10th Mother Tongue Hindi Syllabus PDF linkClick Here
2BSEB 10th Second Indian Language Syllabus PDF linkClick Here
3BSEB 10th English Syllabus PDF linkClick Here
4BSEB 10th Mathematics Syllabus PDF linkClick Here
5BSEB 10th Science Syllabus PDF linkClick Here
6BSEB 10th Social Science Syllabus PDF linkClick Here
7BSEB 10th Urdu Syllabus PDF linkClick Here
8BSEB 10th Bangla Syllabus PDF linkClick Here

Note:- More Links Will Be Update As Soon As Possible.

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